Our services

Farmer contracting (recruitment, mapping, training, contracting and extension)

We support both on-farm smallholder activities aimed at improving the quality and quantity of farmers production at the farm levels. At the sametime,we ensure farmers get just reward for their good work. Our activities include; training farmers on best agronomic practices,mapping farmers into viable working units,availing quality assurance equipment for use at farm levels and also engaging farmers on forward contracting.

Aggregation, logistics and marketing

We work out community aggregation and logistics for farmers, ensuring that we reduce or entirely remove costs farmers incur on aggregation while reducing considerably the logistics cost on the farmer. We also ensure farmers get reliable and sustainable market for their produce.

Input loaning scheme

We provide loans inform of inputs(seeds,fertilizer and biofix) .we also link smallholder farmers to financial institutions and or insurance services depending on their need.

Supplies, Warehousing and storage services

These are services we’ve modelled for large scale and industrial buyers, where we supply them with the necessary produce they require and at the same time offer them affordable warehousing /storage services for produce they do not intend to use at the time of purchase. We’re working to establish a 2000 Metric tonnes modern warehouse in Kisumu by Mid-2019.

Value addition

We’re also working to tap into processing of value added raw materials for industrial buyers. This is an untapped component in Kenya and African agricultural sector.